Intraday on IPO Listing day

I am trying to develop a strategy for stocks on their IPO Listing Day. Is intraday allowed on the stocks on the listed day? @ShubhS9 @siva

Nope, we don’t allow intraday product types on listing days.

Does anybody know any other broker who allow intraday trading on listing day? Fyers, 5paisa etc?

@siva not even on the listing day+1 ?

but @siva today i saw the option of intraday was there also leverage of 7.5x margin requirement zerodha showed in its order section although i not traded.

Going long intraday is allowed but with full margins (CNC). I had tested this today -

But, as Siva mentioned, intraday product types (MIS, CO) aren’t available on listing day. I had tested that in this thread.

Also, going short even with full margins (CNC) on the listing day isn’t possible unless you were likely allotted the shares via IPO. I had tested doing that on IndigoPaints listing day and got the following error -


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Is intraday is possible in Alloted shares?

Prayag mentioned that for selling , if you are selling even with full margins you cant do that unless if you own shares allotted through ipo process ,

Is it possible on other brokers like Fyers, 5paisa etc to trade intraday on the listing day?

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Yeah, you can sell and buy in cnc any number of times provided it is not in t2t category.

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