Intraday profit of 0.5% is hard achieve as stocks don't move that much

I have been following the text box for a few months now. A 0.5% swing in the Nifty tech stocks like Tech Mahindra, HCL is hard to come by from 10:30 AM until 3 PM. It’s almost the same case with the MidCap stocks like Mindtree and NIIT.
I looked at other stocks also like Voltas, Ashok Leyland with the same results. I’m avoiding very volatile stocks because then it becomes difficult to figure out the movement using technical indicators as they usually don’t follow them

Even during the volatile periods in the morning until 10:30 AM and again in the afternoon after 3 PM, there are not many swings - once in three days at an average.

For someone trading between 10:30 AM until 3 PM and avoiding the highly volatile period, I don’t see much scope of intraday.

So my question is: do people usually keep less than 0.5% for the profit on an intraday trade?

Thanks for any help.


bro its depend upon when you enters the scrip and also the stock selection and overall market trend.
if every thing is right you can easily find the 1-2% move.
Earlier i also used to think the same way that you are thinking now.
Think in way that if daily candle has a range 1-2 %then why cant you get 0.5% move. its just mean you are entering at day high. try to buy at support and sell at resistance.

and bro try learn price action. i m also very new in the market but i one thing i found that indicator should be used only for indication not confirmation.Using too many indicator will only confuse you forcing you to enter late or not entering.
i only use EMA and RSI.


its depends on market condition ,.they may move 0.01% to upto 40 to 50% rececent examplea are PC juweller and pnb

SL’s should never be placed by XYZ% points.

Thank you for your responses.
dolphy_crasta - yes I understand that PC jewellers in Punjab national bank will move a lot. But as I mentioned, I am avoiding very highly volatile stocks which have the potential to hit upper and lower circuits. There will obviously be some stocks during the day which move a lot

amit_526 - thank you for your encouraging words. Can you consider providing the names of some stocks which you have traded recently and you have seen 0.5% swing (excluding the PSU banking, ADAG and similar stocks which have been moving on bad news). What I am seeing his that by 1030 all the price movements have already been baked in. From 1030 until 3 PM I have not been able to find any IT stock. It is not possible to write a scanner also because the time of the day is usually not considered in either trade script or streak so I have to visually check.

If you can provide a list, maybe I can learn from that.

Once again thank you

bro don’t focus on any specific sector for inttaday.
i take trade only after 9.45.
Normally all stock dont go in straight one direction. it moves up then come down and then continue its original direction and vice a versa for downtrend stocks.
i enters only after the stock retraces or give a breakout not in between the rally or sell off where very large candles are made.
For your comfort you should plan your trades a day before trading day and mark the important levels and trend and enters only when the stock trends matches the overall market trend and the price is at your level that you have defined earlier.
if you fail to enters the stock at that then either wait for the stock to come to your level or search for new opportunity but dont enters inbetween and in panic. and since you are new , enters in very small quantity so that you will feel the market without burning your pocket.

and bro since you are new therefore dont focus on scanners , algos etc untill get experinced and you clearly know what are you looking for.

thank you

They do move but you need to be there when it happens.

bro u need to analyse the chart according to your trading plan.
you need to find its trend, major support and resistance on higher time frame,predict the price movement, level of entry where you loss would be small and profit is large etc according to your trading strategy.
you should only enter the price level which you have defined earlier.till the price reaches your level don’t enter the market.
You can do all this in real time with market but since intraday is a fast business i prefer do this a day before.

That’s true…see this

almost made 150% profit on pc jeweler that day ,a few months back…but couldn’t sustain as I went greedy always trail your stoploss

I also look out for retracements and breakouts, but there is a problem.
Most of the time when a stock retraces to about 38.2% and starts moving up (in case of uptrend), i enter the trade.
And then the stock comes back down hitting my stoploss (sometimes even till 61.2% retracement).
After throwing me out, the stock starts to rally.
80% of time my stoploss hits like this.

How do you find out that it can retrace some more before continuing its original trend.

i my personal experience i have seen that 38.2 retracement works only in very strong trend.
To make sure your stop loss don’t get hit regularly you can do the following:-

  1. Buy only when some bullish candlestick forms like engulfing etc. also enter only after the candle closes not in between.
    2)when price is in some support zone…
    3)buying only above pivots .
  2. entry only when the higher timeframe trend is in favour.
  3. also instead of entering right at the 38.2% level you can wait and enter after break of previous high which will now act as a support for you…

i m also very new in this market and all above instructions are my personal opinion Others may have their strategy.
hope this will help you.

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@amit526 Thank u very much :blush:

BTW … You got a nice name. I’m also Amit :wink:

thanks bhai.
And 1 thing to notice about retracement is that they usually form some pattern usally flag. you can also use these patterns for entry.

simple ,trade in jspl like high beta stocks for more than 2% intraday

So you look at the chart every minute to look out for retraces or breakout …? @maddy_Des @Krishnendu @ksksat

You can either watch the live chart or set an alert .

Set an alert where ?
also what time frame one should use? …I mean what should be first time frame and what should be higher time frame?