Intraday Range Breakout Code

Need code for range breakout.

Buy if price breaksout above the day’s high

Sell if price breaksout below the day’s low

the above condition is very simple in tradescript , use day candles and

Buy Script:


Sell Script:


Most of the traded securities in capital market moves in a range for around 80% of time and trends higher or lower for 20% of the time. And when it breaks this range with high volume, a very good buying or selling opportunity is signalled. Check out the below link for Intraday Range breakout setup along with downloadable Excel sheet.

LAST>HIGH Does it really work? Why new High (the last price) is not regarded as High?

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Thanks AlgoGeek.
As an extension of this, I also want to club this with an AND to find out a Volume surge of 2X average volume for the day. Is that possible?

How can one get alert, whenever the breakout happens, any free tools available to get notified… on live intraday.

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