Intraday scanner & pre-open gap up/down scanners

Would like to know if there are Scanners for the Following ?

  1. Gap Up/Down Pre-Open Scanners to find out the list of Stocks who have Gapped Up or Down during the Market Pre Open.
  2. INTRADAY Scanners which can be run at Any Time to Find the Stocks which are Moving Up or Down by 3 $ and more.

Anil Shivdasan.

@Streak Can you.

@streak doesn’t have pre-open market scanners. I had asked that query once to their support.

The best way to analyse pre-open market gap up/gap down stocks would NSE website at this link

Thanks Nishantr. Yes NSE has Pre Open Gap data.
What does Streak do ?

Hi @LearnManySkills_com,

Streak scanner does not support pre-open market data.

You can implement this in the scanner. You can also find gap up/down using Streak. Write a mail to [email protected] explaining your requirement and the team shall help you with this.

You can set Scanner with following details for gap up stocks. Run it the first minute of market open and you will find your gap up stocks.
Use similar setting for Gap down!