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How to select stocks for intraday?.I mostly check NSE website for top 10 gainers and according to parameters buy and sell but success rate is only 30-40%.

Indicators i use

RSi-period 14 and buy only if level between 30-50

Parabolic Sar-14-3-3 and after 4-5 dots develop.

Stochastic momentum index-14-2-3-9 and type weighted.

So where am i going wrong?

Thanks in advance

Technical Analysis helps in identifying intraday and swing trading opportunities. I’d suggest you check section 19.4 in this chapter - , it helps you with identifying stocks.

But if you are new to trading, I;d suggest you start form here -

I have gone through already,will do so again.plwase suggest if Stochastic Momentum index parameters are fine?

Hello @Karthik sir,
I am also trying to shortlist stocks for intraday opening hour trading but can’t seem to find a good methodology to have that watchlist ready.

Can I go with strongest and weakest NIFTY sectors @ 9:30 AM and create a watchlist based on 5 most strong and 5 most weak stocks from them getting a total of 10 stocks??..OR is there a better way to preparing this watchlist?

hello traders,

Simple Price Action strategy short listing you can carry out during the day.

  1. Identifying opening gap fill in the first 15min.

  1. Identifying pullback or reversals at daily PIVOT, RESISTANCE , SUPPORT on 15 min candles

  1. Opening 1 hr range break out :

one good strategy you can use for intraday is

BUY if Open=LOW and Trades above previous day high

Sell if OPEN=HIGH and Trades below previous day low

Thanks Shivamrao

But If i check NSE website for top gainers and follow ur strategy, is it fine?

Thanks, will try this

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Can someone just confirm if Stochastic Momentum index settings as mentioned above are fine

Hello ,
Thank you for this insight.
How many stocks do you monitor intraday for these setups to build?? And how do you select those stocks??