Intraday Strategies

If someone could share intraday strategies for intraday trading it will be more helpful for many in the Forum… and this forum can be more active by itself…

Hi Karthik,

As a statistician, this is what I can say with my decade of research experience - follow some simple statistical concepts to win the race. If you have ever played casino, that’s precisely what we do in trading.

  1. Have some strategy that has statistical edge - like sell deep OTM options. Even 4-5% edge would give you millions. What I do is sell index straddle in the morning and sell in the evening with 40% SL. THIS IS A VERY POWERFUL STRATEGY
  2. Position sizing - Make sure that your position of each trade is very less, possibly not more than 1-3% risk
  3. No. of bets - Keep doing the same thing again and again for months or even years. As your no. of trades increase, your trading accuracy tends to move towards statistically proven accuracy.

Just follow above 3 rules and your children will drive luxury cars.

Can u explain in more detail let many make use of it !!

And I’m just 24years old …

Firstly, your age is a big asset for you. If you start investing early, compounding effect will make you a billionaire in long run.

One suggestion that I can give you at this time is - if you plan to do intraday trading, please remember that slippage (and brokerage) are a big problem for you as they will eat 40%-50% of your profits and in case of losses they add up to it.

So, only way to earn peacefully is intraday options because slippage % is very little compared to profits you earn in terms of percentage there. For instance you enter at 100 and exit around 120 which is 20% profit and slippage of 0.5% is not much but this is not possible in equities trading.

Anyway, if this is all greek and latin for you, please use “Varsity” educational material developed by Zerodha or follow my blog ( I plan to introduce some basic videos for beginners along with my favourite strategy

Thank you so much for your time, I want to learn so I must start with options ?? Im ready to Learn…