Intraday talent

One of my friends is making 10% per month Of the capital . in intraday business of share stock market trading in cash equity and future .

Now he wants to do partnership with any One or he is also ready to work as a job service with any company. With minimum 1 crore package per annum.

Where and how do he market himself and his talent ?

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Making money 10% with 1lk is very different than making money with 1crore. Trading is all psychological and most people can’t handle sudden increase in trading capital, the chances of panicking with small moves in the market increases. My suggestion would be to do this slowly.

Btw, SEBI doesn’t allow people to raise money like this to trade the markets. You need to have either AMC, PMS, or AIF license. Only AIF (Cat3) allows you to trade intraday or naked F&O. The compliant way of managing someone else’s money without these licenses is to work for a salary for the person who has the trading capital.

He could market himself by writing and sharing about his trades, the good and the bad. He could start on this forum, twitter, etc.


@nithin can you suggest prime brokers , lawyers who are involved in registration of PMS/ Hedge funds etc. Who can I contact if I want to set up above entities.

You can meet with any cs/ca and discuss with them to take this forward. Also see the pre-requirements to set up.

When go to a job and if we get paid 20k then the company will make 2 lakhs so roughly your freidn should make 10 crores per annum inorder to draw salary of 1 crore

You can reach out to Indus law.

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how can contact to AMC , PMS , AIF etc Companies , or Banks or Brokers and or hedge funds or angel investors etc etc and do job service and earn 1 crore package per annum .

Post script : making 10% of the capital Per month ; is a good talent !!! indeed .