Intraday Trade And Positional Trades


I Have Been Trading From Last 2 Years And I Have Studied That many New Comers Directly Start Big Quantity Trades And Do Intraday For Big Profit Quickly. But They End Up With Loss And lose Their Confidence And Everytime By That They Had Fear In Their Mind Of Losing Money Again.

What I Can Say Start With Positional Trades Or Do Intraday Trades With Small Quantity For Low Risk. See That Were Are You Getting Failed Or Why Getting Loss In Trades And Do At Least 100-200 Trades and see the mistakes and what needs to improvise.

everything needs practice and if done seriously its good thing to have a good profits.

all the best for the new comers and trade safe trade with stoploss.

3 most important things.

  • never trade without stoploss (by trading you will know how to put stoploss at right level)
  • Don’t see a trade continuously just remember you need risk to reward ratio and money management right you will able to get good profit just take and just forget it check it only after 5 min intervals. and always dont book early profit by fear.
  • have control on your emotions. emotions are your worst enemy in the market



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@Rajiv1 You still Holding?
Is it a long term Investment?


Booking profits early are sometimes better when u r trader and want to remain in the game to play everyday. I personally have experienced it many times. Losing a handsome profit…in just few seconds…in front of ur eyes…and making a loss is very painful. I will rather prefer making small profit. Profit is profit small or big doesn’t matter.

If you are long term investor, then it is ok.


Yes Sometimes Its Better To Book Profit Instead Of Having Greedy Nature. But If You Do It Every Time Thus It Can Harm You. Suppose You Play With 0.30% Target And 1% Stoploss Then If Your Stoploss Get Hit You Will Lose Your 3 Successful Trade Profit. That What i Am Trying To Say Booking Early Profit By Seeing The Market Trend Changing Is Good And Its Need To Be Done. But Not Everytime.