Intraday trading margin

Please help…
I am new in Trading.
Suppose, I have ₹ 10000 in my trading account.
Broker provide me 5x margin on intraday.
I bought SBI share @430 x 100 quantity
and sell SBI share @432 x 100 quantity
So, buy value = 43000
sell value = 43200
Profit = 200
My question is:
I have to pay any interest/additional charges to the broker or exchange beyond my ₹ 10000 balance which broker provide me.
And what is the turnover value in this transaction? (43200-43000=200 am I right)

There is no interest or additional charges applicable for using leverage.

Your total turnover will be Rs. 86,200 (Buy Value: 43,000 + Sell Value: 43,200).