Intraday Trading strategies

Hi everyone,

I am an intermediate level trader, My usual trading style is Swing trading. I thought to challenge myself and explore different trading styles so I decided to try intraday trading.

I request my fellow community members to please mention their intraday trading strategy for me to learn. As a positional trader I not looking for very high risk to reward but I want to know strategies which constantly works and have good accuracy.


Hey Vaibhav,
I generally use MACD crossover / EMA cross (21 days & 5 or 9 days) + RSI or MFI. Keep 1:1 profit loss ratio or just take 3-4 pips & move away.
But in intraday SL hunting happens a lot. I generally do trades near support & resistances. So most of the time SL needs to be higher else it hits pretty hard, but if the higher SL is hit then we are in a big loss.
I think swing trading is the better way to approach it.

I like opening range breakout strategies and even tried some strategies available on the discover section of Streak.Will discuss many here one by one in coming days