Intraday trading with CNC orders

hello guys,

Suppose i hold 1000 reliance in D-mat pledge free and my available free cash is around Rs.2000.

Can I

sell 1000 reliance CNC and buy back the same intraday ?
Does the new margin rules affect this trade?
what will happen to the profit if any? when will it be credited?
what will be the status of the shares in dMat account? will they be debited and credited due to the new margin rules?
any penalties?

thanx in advance

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You can sell and buy back the same day, new margin framework doesn’t affect this trade.

Intraday profit in the equity segment will be credited to you on T+2 days, until then it won’t reflect in your Kite balance, however, you can see the same in closing balance in your ledger on Console.

This is intraday trade, shares will not be debited from your account. No penalties.

thank you for the immediate response.

after squaring up the trade , should i mark them as MIS ( is it possible?) or no need to change from CNC to MIS ?


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You don’t have to do anything, when you sell and buy on same day it is automatically classified as Intraday trade.

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