Intrinsic value calculation


Are there any available calculators for the intrinsic value calculation of stocks ?


Are you talking about OPTIONs (CE/PE) or a STOCKs Intrinsic Value?


I think @abhas_singh is referring to the intrinsic/ fair value of stocks after evaluating theebusiness.


Oh! That is more art than math … And while there maybe many cash-flow based formulas out there … the success with it is more of instinct and experience driven along with expertise in that particular sector.

Though if you have any specific formula in mind … I may look into building a calculator … :wink:


See conscious investor authored by John Price to get the procedure of intrinsic value calculation


A particular stocks intrinsic value


Can I use morningstar’s fair value data as a reference ? @Nataraj_Mandal @chiragjp


Oh! I missed the chain …

As I said before -

Its an art. But if you have a formula … please elaborate …