Introducing family portfolio view on Console

Throughout his career as a bank manager, my dad has invested in stocks, MFs and insurance through various entities. Despite working in a brokerage firm and my best efforts, I have been unable to help him consolidate his investments and help him exit the wasteful investments.

I’m sure many Indians must be facing the same problem, just like my dad.
As a first step towards attempting to solve it, we are helping our customers have a consolidated family portfolio view across Zerodha accounts.

Hopefully, all banks, depositories, & insurance companies go live on the account aggregator framework (Sahamati - driving Open Banking with Account Aggregator) soon.
The plan is to then work on offering a consolidated portfolio view across all assets, including insurance, & provide an easy way to liquidate whenever needed


Isnt this there for some time now? Because I have done this a month back or so.

I was manually consolidating holdings earlier but this feature has really helped me in knowing my exposure to each scrip.

On the web for a month, and on mobile only last week. We hadn’t announced this yet. :slight_smile:


Understatement of the century … .

(Sorry for the off-topic comment, I couldn’t resist!)


Thanks for the feature :slight_smile: :+1:
Can we see both Positions and holdings?

Only holdings. :slight_smile: This is more meant for investments.