Introducing the Zerodha Corporate Bonds platform

You can now invest in high-quality corporate and PSU bonds on Zerodha. We are starting off with tax-free bonds we’ll soon have quality taxable bonds as well.


Is it possible to invest in bonds which are trading in OTC as many of the bonds actually trade here and not on exchange


This platform ours is essentially OTC but we just make available a select list of safe bonds. For more options, you can check out

Could someone explain a bit more on meaning of : “They (tax-free bonds) carry an implicit sovereign guarantee”? What does it mean and what will happen in case of any untoward situation (as they say - " 1. And everything will be fine, just as long as nothing else goes wrong…")

@nithin, @Bhuvan

The govt won’t explicitly say, this is guaranteed by us like they for G-secs. But it is understood that, if there were to be some trouble, they would be bailed out.

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Can you advise how to buy Muthoot NCD (new corp bond which is open) via Zerodha?

Approach the Muthoot branch with the cheque and give them their DP ID and PAN details. Once listed, they will appear in your demat account


Where is the option to find more details about the corporate bonds available on coin platform ?
I understand it is possible to get details from if we have the ISIN number.

But, how to find the ISIN number of the bonds listed in the first place ?