Introducing virtual contract note on Kite

SEBI had recently mandated all brokers to start displaying charges while placing an order, helping traders and investors get an estimate of the charges they will be paying upfront. While this is helpful for someone placing fewer orders, for someone who trades throughout the day it isn’t as the charges you see are only for that particular order while you get to know charges for all orders you place during the day only when you get the contract note at the end of the day. For this set of traders, the best way to give them an estimate of charges is to show the charges for all the orders placed during market hours itself. This is why we’re introducing a virtual contract note on Kite showing you charges for all the orders you have placed during the day.

You can check the Virtual contract note in the Orders tab on Kite web. This provides the details of brokerage, STT, exchange transaction charges, stamp duty, SEBI turnover charge, and GST for orders placed during the day along with order-wise charges. (1)


I noticed even for MIS short orders, the STT charged is 0.1%, but it reduces are square off. Is that supposed to happen?

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Are these calculations the same as those in the brokerage calculator, @ShubhS9?

Doesnt look right.

Once you exit the trade, it will become intraday trade and charges will be updated accordingly.

Could you please DM more details, so we can have this checked?

Yes, the charges are the same. However, for equity delivery trades, the brokerage calculator also shows DP charges, which are not part of the virtual contract note as DP charges are levied separately on the funds statement.

Thank you @ShubhS9

I have many EQ Futures trades and the Brokerage calculator and Virtual CN are way off bcos of exchange Trx Chgs.( all NSE segment)
Zerodha pricing shows 0.0019% but has always charged the highest slab of 0.0020%. Even yest CN has same diff. This deviation is around inr. 1-1.5 per trade. Then GST on it will also be higher.

Ref links:
FA56129.pdf (

Hi @ShubhS9 ,

What about script-wise charges in the FNO segment?

As mentioned here: Scrip-wise charges now on Console – Z-Connect by Zerodha Z-Connect by Zerodha.

Why it is not available now? It is a must-have feature.

We’re working on adding trade-wise charges on Console.

Great! A long-awaited feature… One more step towards transparency. :+1: