Introducing Zecide

Hello Traders!

My name is Siddharth and I’m on a mission to make financial markets more approachable and enjoyable at

Zecide is primarily a finance community where you could interact with other great minds, consume tailor-made content as per your interests. We also provide various forms of Analytics around news events alongside an AI research assistant ready to dig your queries. On top of that, we provide tools for individuals at all skill levels that could perform some action that otherwise was too cumbersome or had steep prerequisites. Tools would be for both investing and trading. Everything related to finance on one platform.

To give you a glimmer about such tools, we are releasing these two mockups:

1) Suppose you have 4-5 stocks you researched up and want to buy them for the long term. But you are wondering in what weightage should you buy them that it optimizes the return or minimizes the volatility or has risk/return above a certain value or accounts for your subjective confidence while allocating the weights? Well for all such adventurous things you could use our portfolio optimization tools.

2) The adage “Price is the King” is underrated. So we made some Chart interpretation and detection tools with Price Action concepts.

(Note: 10min interval might not work as there are some issues with the free data provider we are using. These tools might give occasional errors or might be slow to load at times due to multiple users, kindly bear with us)

These two are just examples, we have developed and are developing other tools which we feel might add value to you. We have many more experimental crazy ideas in the pipeline as well.

I would be grateful for your feedback about the concept and the above-mentioned tools. Also, do share your suggestion or particular pain points for which you would want a tool.

If you want to be among the first ones to use our App (and get some free goodies), then sign up for our Beta release with this link:

With great optimism for what’s about to come and gratitude for your attention,



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This is really nice tool. Hope you will add different asset classes like Mutual Fund’s, Bonds etc. soon so we can do research by adding these securitues.

Liked the Price Action tool for trading as well but loved the Portfolio Optimization tool more as there are not any such tools around the Web.

Here’s hoping to see support for more securitues across different asset classes soon for thorough analysis.

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Hi! Thanks for the appreciation. These were just mockups, real product would have it all and more! Do sign up for beta. :slight_smile:

Great Initiative, Kudos!

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Thanks! :smiley:

How are you related to Zerodha ?

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We are not related to Zerodha but they were kind to allow me to post our stuff here for some feedback. But feel free to ping them if you feel we should explore synergies :smiley:

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Thought you were funded from rain matter… Will take a look.

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