Inventing 5lk into equity how do I go about it?

I have 5lk and was planning to invent into equities, I asked a colleague at office he asked me to Invest it over months. What should I be doing?


Bro yes u can invest if u want to do trading

but if u dont have time for daily trading than remember

S.I,P. is the best option

u have 5lakhs Rs. divide that 5lakh in 30 months

which comes to 16700 per month

now how to do this SIP in stock market…

I will give u the idea 30months is calculated on the basis as nifty is trading near its life time high

nifty might go around 9500-10150 levels

but soon it will come to 6000levels in 3rd quater of 2016

so if u r investiong as SIP with 30 months mode u will get good returns in near future.

Invest 5lakhs in recurring f.d. as u will be getting 6% minimum interst on your available balance per annum on prorata basis

like first year from f.d. u will earn 25k

2nd year 12k

in last 6month 5k

so u will be able to earn from both the sides…

For stock list u can reply me

I will help u out