Invest in Foreign Equity through Indian MFs with Foreign Exposure

I am investing in Parag Parikh Flexicap Fund & Axis Growth Opportunities Find which have 28% & 18% exposure to foreign equities.
I have chosen them to

  1. avoid the debt fund taxation in case of FOF,
  2. bring down the charges paid on expense ratios,
  3. have significant exposure to foreign equities and
  4. I started investing in Motilal Oswal Nasaq 100 FOF but found out that, the tracking error is huge as on July 2020.

Are there any other funds which have more exposure to Foreign Equities which are not FOFs or treated like a Debt fund ? Are there better MFs which have a maximum of 35% bracket foreign equity exposure ?


What’s your view ? @TradeXMaster @Bhuvan @ShubhS9 @rupeshmandal

You can check out Kotak Pioneer fund. It is treated like an equity fund and thus taxed as such but also includes a foreign mutual funds to take international exposure. The expense ratio is reasonable as well. If you are looking for a truly international fund which can invest in any company in the world and not just US, then you can check out Aditya Birla International Fund Plan-A.

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Check DSP Value fund.

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Even though this MF has been existing for almost 9 years now, why the AUM is under 150 crores ?