Invest IPO using ICICI - DP Account is different from DP ID?

I have Zerodha account and ICICI bank saving account. When I try to apply through ICICI Netbanking, It is asking ‘DP Account’ and ‘DP Name’.

From Q profile, I am seeing following fields ‘DEPOSITORY NAME’ , ‘DEPOSITORY ID’,‘BENEFICIARY ID’ and ‘DP ID FOR IPO APPLICATION’.

Can I provide ‘DP ID for IPO application’ for ‘DP Account’? is this different? I am asking because when I select CDSL, the field with name ‘DP ID’ is disabled and ‘DP account’ is enabled. So confused.

I have attached screenshot of the apply screen.

Hey Prabu,

To apply for the IPO, use the 16 digit ‘DP ID for IPO Application’ to fill the ‘DP Account’ field in the ICICI web page. This DP account number would start from 12081600.

The DP Name would be the name where you’ve held your Demat account, ‘Zerodha Securities Pvt Ltd’ in this case

Thank you for providing the info.