Investing at ATH markets

Hi everyone.

We all know that our market is having a fantastic bull run and like every other investor, I am also tempted towards investing in the market. I’ve been a FnO trader and I have never invested per se.

  • Given that I want to use the market for wealth creation and long term perspective, how to approach this market which is already at its ATH?
  • Since I trade in FnO, I’m already taking substansial risk of capital. So if I invest in the market and there is a correction, it will be very difficult to handle the mental stress + loss of trading capital.
  • Since Mar20, any Mutual Fund has given 50% returns and that has impacted their 3Y, 5Y returns. The expectation setting right now is that a good MF should be returning anywhere between 15-20% yearly. This wasnt the case pre-Mar20, where we were happy with 10-15% returns.

Given these situations, how should we approach investing in the market which is already at its ATH?