Investing in Interval funds via Coin


By when will it be possible to invest in interval Debt funds via Coin?

Reliance Quarterly interval fund series 2 is open for subscription now,but I can’t see it on the coin mobile app

Why do you want invest in close ended funds? :slight_smile:

It’s not closed ended :).

This is a close-ended fund. Only open ended funds are available on coin.

Thanks… any reason for considering it close ended since its actually open for 3 days every quarter and there is no defined “maturity” date?

An interval fund, although a mix of close and open ended scheme works mostly like a close-ended scheme itself except for the fact that the AMC allows you to redeem or repurchase units only on specific days pre-determined by them. But, there will be a maturity date before which you wont be able to redeem the units. It makes sense to invest in it if you want to invest for the short term but the returns would be similar to a debt mutual fund. It would make more sense to invest the amount in a liquid or utlra short term fund open-ened mutual fund scheme since you will have the flexibility to redeem the units at any point of time.