Investing in mutual funds good or bad ?

Investing in mutual funds good or bad ?
what’s your view?


There is nothing good or bad … what is your goal and whether these instruments will help you to reach there or not …

Pros of mutual funds :

  1. if you start SIP - you will have disciplined investment habit
  2. better than fd / saving bank returns


  1. entry /exit loads
  2. returns depends on which type of fund / market conditions apply.
  3. you cannot control the underlying stocks / quantity.

Ofcourse its good. Basically all Investments come with Pros & Cons which need to be researched and understood before investing to set right expectations

  • Identity your risk profile
  • Based on profile, select the kind of schemes you need to invest
  • Patience : Tenure of investment is really useful. E.g when i started ~11 yrs ago. One of the Financial advisor was not willing to help me to subscribe for a MF with a specific AMC. But i insisted and went for online and that is the scheme which returned ~100% for me
  • Discipline with regular SIP’s
  • Avoid withdrawls

Hope this helps

Investing in mutual funds is certainly a very good idea since the returns are better and with systematic investment plan or SIP, investors can have a disciplined investment.