Investing in overnight debt funds

Dear Team at Zerodha,

I checked the option of investing unused funds in overnight debt funds through your platform.

Can you please give an indication of what are the current returns (repo rate - 5.4%)? Also, how long does it take to liquidate funds and get back into the account for trading.

Is it possible to automatically park funds daily in overnight funds and then withdraw it the next morning for trading? I maintain high unused funds, especially at start of a monthly calendar and would like to earn some returns if possible.

Thank you.

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Returns will be in-line with the current repo rates.

T+1 is the settlement period.

Afraid not. Margin will be available only post the settlement.


I have a question regarding the Invest in ICICI Prudential Overnight Fund: Growth, there are no information regarding ICICI Prudential Overnight Fund on the ICICI website.

Could you please advise.