Investing in overnight fund option Zerodha fund withdrawal page

If I choose invest in overnight fund option in Zerodha console fund withdrawal page would my free cash be available next morning for taking trades.
And can I automate this process so that every day my free margin left is invested in these overnight funds.


Ah no, you will have to exit it the next day and funds will be available for trading the day after. The idea with overnight is to give a better option than keeping money in your savings bank account.

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So we can remain invested in Overnight Fund as long as we want like any other fund?


What are the overnight funds?

Some times you can do google search, please. If you din’t understood then you can post here.

Can we pledge these fund to get collateral equivalent to Cash Component (like liquid bees)

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How do I withdraw funds from the zerodha’s liquid fund back to my trading account?

Hi Manish, you will have to redeem your Mutual Fund investment by logging into Coin, the funds will be credited to your trading account upon settlement. You can read this to know more.

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Hi, This option is no longer available in kite. Is there any other option of parking surplus capital in overnight funds with seamless transfer to the trading account?

After a recent regulatory change, funds in the trading account cannot be used for investing in mutual funds. The payment has to be directly made from the primary bank account.

You can invest in Liquid ETFs like LiquidBees on Kite. You can learn more about Liquid ETFs here: Everything you need to know about Liquidbees and Liquid Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)