Investment idea request

What are the criteria to buy a share for long term holding?

Study buffettology.

The fundamental analysis is the best option for any stock to pick for long term investments. Check the stock results, profit, P/E, debt etc.

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Why listen to Buffetology if they are really something out of their minds, he really reported just lately (Buffet himself) that he really regrets about not to investing in Amazon shares for examples. Can you believe just that ? I thought he is holding a lot of them really.

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World’s richest investor is regretting, hmm can we be just .00001% of him?

oh boy…

this imitation game won’t cut it in real life.


No need to imitate, but there is no wrong in following his principles.

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Its ok to draw inspiration I suppose. Sorry if I was a bit blunt before but I was speaking out of my own experience. I can’t digest the idea of anybody giving investment advisory, trading tips etc…because it will not work out for the long term, you get to blame them for the wrong advice if they screw up. This whole game of making money cannot be relied upon by others’ advice because telling someone what to do is always an easy thing to do but how is it even prudent to bet your life savings simply on the basis of someone’s words, its a degenerate way to live that way and an insult to your intelligence. Now, Mr Buffet is a great investor no doubt but he was a man of his time but today in the days of high frequency trading, rapidly changing investment landscapes his ideas are becoming a bit dated.

You can go to for investment ideas. People there posts their analysis of stocks. One request: don’t blindly follow them. People can make mistakes, but you can definitely learn from them.

My idea on IBUL: (for learning purpose only)

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