Investment in MUTUAL FUNDS

I want to invest in good performing MUTUAL FUNDS. which one to choose?

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Presently the midcap section may not be performing well. But I would suggest you to invest in midcap or small cap mutual funds. Because records show that midcap funds provide good returns. But the only problem is that these are not that consistent in providing returns and past performance does not forcast future prospects. But if you want to be on the safer side, diversification of mutual funds is the best possible option. Invest in largecap, midcap and debt funds. You could also invest in ETFs or liquid funds also. Let me provide you some of the names which I think would be profitable investments,
1)Reliance small cap fund, franklin smaller cos, mirrae emerging bluechip fund are some good small cap and midcap funds
2)Largecap fund may include L&T India large cap fund
3)There are some diversified funds also which according to me are quite good at the moment like Principal emerging bluechip or L&T India value fund.
Also investment according to themes can also be done. Like recently Govt. is putting stress on housing for all by 2022. So I guess infrastructure funds could also perform better. Also FMCG sectors could also do good.
But before investing always check for the performance, detailed analysis of the fund you are investing in. Go to or etmoney to study more about mutual funds.