IOC Bonus F&O Premium Issue - Kite 3.0?

I have sold 2 lots of IOC i.e IOC18MAR500CE at 0.40.

Understandably after the Bonus effect, the FNO strike prices are adjusted along with lot size. Therefore 3000 units of IOC18MAR500CE are correctly adjusted as 6000 unit of IOC18MAR250CE

But what about the premium? It is showing incorrectly !!!

Post IOC split; Under P&L; the premium received of 0.40 is shown as 0.00.

I expected Kite 3.0 to solve this simple yet important point.

Hi @Ddude,

Adjusted buy price for IOC Contract , should be rectified by today EOD.

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Not fixed yet. The premium received on IOC F&O still shows as 0.00

I will be honest. Zerodha doesn’t give me the kind of comfort that I used to get from my earlier broker. These are things that one would expect to get adjusted automatically.

Even Q.Zerodha shows incorrect P&L on my CANFIN shares due to split.

I hope Nithin is listening and can get these important things fixed asap