IPO application through ASBA

From last 4-5 IPOs I applied through console-upi process but never got allotment so today decided to apply through SBI ASBA but on BSE application check platform it is showing UPI status as pending while we don’t need upi mandate by this method then why it is showing like this? See in image Can anyone please explain?

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Can’t really tell why it shows like this, maybe the platform is designed this way.

Alternatively, you can check your bid on NSE website and check how it is displayed there.

It it is submitted on BSE then how can we check on NSE?

I am also facing this same outcome in MArch 2021 when applied through ASBA of SBI and IDBI for IPO applications.
Wondering how to approve UPI when I didnt receive any UPI payement approval request in the UPI app. Also if I have applied through ASBA then why do I require UPI approval ?