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How do i get that i am applying to BSE IPO or NSE IPO, because during application there were no option to select for BSE/NSE


Exchanges come into the picture only after the allotment has happened in an IPO. The role of an exchange to provide a platform for you to sell your shares If you get an allotment you can sell them on either of the exchanges assuming that the company is listing on both.

I have one more question suppose a company is planning to issue 1000 (IPO)shares for retail investor and price band of 90-95 is given with min bid qty 10
for 90 bids received are 2000
if cut off is 93

Then how the allotment is done?

Check this thread.

I am beginner, started by investment with Zerodha. I have bought certain number of shares of IPO recently. I have received a mail from BSE regarding bbc-bid details. I have bought the shares using my DP number form Zerodha. I am afraid that the stock will get listed in the BSE not in NSE. Could you please explain whether I have switch between them once listed?

Was this Reliance Nippon?

Its New India Insurance which is going live on 8th Nov 2017.

Disclaimer: As I am new, I am not sure whether I can disclose this things. As there is no other way to get a good picture of understanding mentioning the IPO in the portal. Thanks:).

The stock will list on both the exchanges, you can sell it on either. Also, check this

As for your disclaimer, I am not asking for your internet banking password, so you can rest easy.

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Thanks for your response. I did not mean it that way. Just a beginner’s dread :slight_smile: