IPO Listing price Calculation

I understood basic concepts of IPO, allotment process and dates but one thing i didn’t understand properly is that, in Book building process listing must be in between the price band right ? I have checked few recent IPO where listing price is not in the price band.

someone help me…

The price band is the price within which you will be allotted the shares when you bid for IPO, The listing price of the IPO is determined by Demand and Supply, if there is more demand and less supply then the shares of that company will list at premium to issue price and if there is less demand and more supply the listing can happen at lower price to the issue price.

General market sentiment also plays some role in this, for instance look at SBI Cards IPO, the issue was oversubscribed yet was listed at discount to issue price because of poor market sentiment.

when is the listing price decided ?
a. On listing day (during pre market session)
b. Before listing day
c. decided based on how many times it got subscribed…

On the day of listing, there is a pre-open session which is from 9 AM to 9:45 AM, this is when the listing price will be determined and as I mentioned above earlier, the listing price will be determined by Demand and Supply, more the demand more the chances of listing at a premium to the issue price, and more the supply more the chances of listing at discount.

ohh okay so its similar(process i mean) to how opening price is determined in pre opening session

Yes, it is similar.