IPO Preopen or order placement query


Today I saw that polycab opened at 633 however I had placed order for buy at 633 at 9.56 AM but it was rejected stating the Security is not eligible to trade in Preopen, could you please advise how one could have brought at 633. I see there was a block trade at 633 so definitely someone brought at 633. Do I needed to enter my order before 9.45 AM?

Yes,for IPO pre-open is from 9 to 9.45 AM.If you place after that your order will be rejected.

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thanks Ragavendran_M

I also got a similar error message when I tried to place orders between 9.45 AM and 10:00 AM for Burger King today -

16145 : Security is not eligible to trade in Preopen

I wanted to ask, who is allowed to place orders between this time period? I asked this because I was able to see in the market depth, that the Total number of orders on both sides (Buy/Sell) was constantly changing between this time period of 9.45 AM and 10:00 AM (for reference, attaching an animated GIF showcasing that change in the total number of orders in the watchlist area)

No one as I know, exact what time you have placed order? also you noticed the change in 5 depth?

Around 10 seconds before 10:00 AM (In the GIF I shared above, the exact time of order placement is also visible in the Menu area of Kite (aka where the Dashboard, Orders, Holdings, etc links are present).)