Ipo share allotment

I have applied for IRCTC IPO from Axis asba account net banking. Where can I see my share… Is it on zerodhs as I have my demat account with you.

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@mohitmehra Can you.

What you’ve done is merely applied for the issue, you are yet to receive allotment. If you receive allotment, then the shares will reflect in your demat account upon receiving credit from the issuer of the securities. You will be able to sell these securities when the stock gets listed on the secondary markets.

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any lucky ones here who has received allotment for the IRCTC IPO??

I got none. Sigh!

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It is a scam…only known circles get allotment…eyewash ipos

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I got 1 lot of IRCTC i.e. 40 shares.

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Lucky you…:slight_smile:

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Would like to know how do i check the IPO Allotment.

You can also check allotment status on NSE website.

If ipo not alloted when is the refund initiated?

The blocked amount will be released back into your bank account on the refund initiation date or by the mandate end date.

You can check the mandate end date here.