IRCTC IPO allotment and trading on listing day

Out of 2 crores IRCTC shares listed yesterday, as per the delivery volume, 1.35 crore shares were bought my new investors which were not allotted any shares.(Ignoring NSE/BSE deliveries).

So is it possible to know which were the big buyers who bought these 1.35 Crore(If I am right) shares yesterday?

Is it possible to know that:

What were the major players who sold these shares out of their allotted shares(1 Crore reserved shares for QIBs) BECAUSE only 70 lakhs were allotted to retail investors?

Which big players, Mutual Funds or companies got the allotment for 1 Crore shares reserved for QIBs?

You could check the shareholding pattern data which is published quarterly. Currently, the pre-IPO SHP is available here. About 1.2 % of IRCTC pre-IPO was held by mutual funds:

In the shareholding pattern, if an entity holds more than 1% of the shares then the name will be disclosed.

I guess you mean Post IPO and NOT Pre IPO.
And also where can I regularly track this data of every listed company?

This is before the IPO. You can get the quarterly data here as soon as it starts getting reported.

How the IRCTC shares were sold to Mutual Funds before the IPO ?
I believe everyone can buy shares directly from a company initially ONLY through an IPO.
And then trade it on exchanges if required.

In Initial Public Offerings, a company offers its shares to the general public for the first time. However, there could be private placements before shares are offered to the general public. For example, NSE hasn’t gone public yet and is not a listed company. However, various banks and fund houses could own shares in it.

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