Hi, Everyone, Hope doing good… what would be the share price of IRCTC before split. …

the share price of IRCTC BEFORE split…

Not sure if I understand the question, but going by verbatim of your question, it will be market forces (demand vs supply) which will determine the price of the stock one day before the split.

On the split date you will have more shares but the intrinsic value of the shares would remain the same.

if you see technicals then it’s in uptrend of higher highs & lows, if in next trading session it dosen’t form higher high or breaches lows of previous day then be cautious, put SL at 4705, market can stay irrational for long so don’t wait for trend exhaustion, anyways the trendline is not being breached so there’s plus point

best advice from me is it do your own research / analysis.

bruh! that’s obvious