IRCTC Stock split Oct 2021

IRCTC announced a stock splite of 10:2 on Oct 2021 but till now I have not received the modified FV shares in my demat a/c (I was holding 100 shares in Oct 21). Any idea what happened?

When did you buy the shares?

The Ex Date was 28th October so you should have mandatorily bought the shares before that. Confirm the date once (you can check on console) and if there is any discrepency you should raise ticket with Zerodha.

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Shares were allotted in IPO, so from 14/10/2019 to till date, they are in my demat account.

Check once again in console.
May be you sold some portion and forgot about it.
Post Split you would be having 500 Shares (If you had 100 Shares initially)

Also Iā€™m unable to understand how you got 100 Shares in IPO since it was oversubscribed and hence if you were fortunate you could have gotten only 40 Shares in IPO.