Iron Condor-exit strategy

Can anybody advice me whether there’s any shortcut to place exit order simultaneously for all the 4 legs in an Iron Condor. Since market order is not permitted for stock options, we have to place individual orders for each leg. By the time all the 4 orders are executed, the profit/loss figure would be entirely different. If any senior members in the group can advise on the matter, it would be helpful

There is no strategy to escape disadvantages of trading illiquid securities.

Is this the exchange rule or any particular broker rule ?

Haridas, there is no way to execute all orders simultaneously, you will have to do it one by one.

Very soon we will give basket orders, then one can place multiple orders at one click.

When are we going to get the new updates in chartiq? Plz give a deadline

Likely in 2 weeks.

2 weeks from today!?
And with the same updates or some modifications…?


what is ordered cancelled by the system? and why it happens i was trying to buy andsell options with limit order…not able to place sell leg with limit order of iron condor after buying eg.@siva @nithin

Likely, same updates.

Not possible.

Can you create ticket here and ping me number, put all the details in it.

@siva : How to convert NRML orders to MIS orders of multiple leg iron condor strategy on expiry day to release some blocked margin? First I tried to convert one sell leg from NRML TO MIS, but shown error as margin required is more, same as for naked selling margin. I have not seen option to convert all in a single click, kindly guide me.
Thanks in advance.

For Index options or stock options?

Not possible to do in single click.

Index options

Try converting short options first.

Tried, but shown as margin not sufficient and shown margin required for naked sell options and still NRML far leg buy orders were there. Please guide accordingly

How about sentinel, it is available for executing multiple orders in one click, then why the new feature @siva ?

Sentinel is not deeply integrated within kite,so.

You can create ticket here and message me number.

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