Iron condor really safe over short strangle?

Is Iron Condor really safe over short strangle?

lets take rough example:
Short strangle:

     10 lots each leg
     10000/- max profit 
     10 lakh margin

Iron Condor:

     10 lots each leg
     5000/- max profit  (less than short strangle due to hedging)
     5 lakh margin  (since hedged positions need less margin)

In above hypothetical example, iron condor is safer with less loss probability with spot price movement, but profit is also reduced.

so one might think of taking more (e.g. double) posititions to bring profit equal to original short strangle. With 2x positions in iron condor, i noticed that loss probability becomes similar to short strangle (lets not consider unlimited loss case, i keep strict deep automated SL to handle any market movement)

is my understanding correct, or still anyone see benefits of iron condor if profit target is kept same?

This gives away that you are new to the market.
How are you going to counter Gap Openings and circuits?

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TastyTrade have done some nice studies, you’ll benefit from their market testing. Here’s an example of something they did on Strangles Vs. Straddles. YOu may need to browse their channel for what you’re looking.

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