Is any successful trader in intraday trading using Algoz?

I have read many posts in Zconnect under code your strategy. It really helped me a lot to understand about Algoz trading. I have tried various codes which are answered by Nithin and I felt most of them showing losses and in some cases it was showing profits but in live leading to losses. I totally accept that it depends on how you use the technical's. But, is there any trader who is successful in algoz trading ? 

Hello there are lot of variables in play. One strategy can not give you profits on all charts. It will give different signals even if you change the interval from what i have observed. The thing is to find out the strategy which helps you in confirming your trade. You cant apply a simple strategy and blindly be placing orders this is a bad idea. Algoz is helpful if you want to run technical indicators on charts based on your technique of trading. If you apply a few indicators for lets say even two charts its very difficult to keep track of the charts every sec looking out for opportunities. Algoz will help you process this information. Even with this you definitely need your instincts and experience to confirm the trade and place the order unless your doing a nano sec fully auto trading using multiple complex algorithm with super computers.

Hello Mr Suraj… I know there are many strategies and many things involve. I just wann know the successful algoz traders who used the perfect strategies and their experiences. If u are experienced in Algoz share your thoughts and experience or else keep away.