Is anyone have a strategy on Crude oil mini to gain 10-20 points daily?

I have started intraday trading in crude oil mini and analysed that it is most volatile item in MCX.
So, it will be beneficial if anyone can share any trading strategy based on time slots or traded volume etc.

Honestly saying, nobody will share their strategy that gains constant profit through open forum.

   Time and experience will help you to make your own strategy

I can give you such a strategy, but you will have to pay me 5 Lacs for the strategy.

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post your trade journal here, let me go through. If i feel worthy enough, i will pay you not 5 lakhs but 10 lakhs


This kind of Chester are roaming in every forum whos ask money shamelessly.



and this is how people get taken for a ride everyday.

Just think for a second here. If i had a strategy that was profitable , why would i sell it?.

The only reason i would sell strategies if they’re not working or not profitable.

And past results don’t guarantee future results.

You still believe people will post profitable strategies out of the goodness of their heart, well gud luck getting duped then.

This is exactly why its so easy to fool/cheat/dupe people on trading forums. I threw a bait and you took it.

I can post all kinds of profitable screenshots. Something like ashwani gujral. What you should be asking for is an audited book by a reputed CA. Posting trading journal online is a joke. Moment you ask this , the seller will not be seen anywhere near the forum.

I hope that you will be more careful in the future when someone makes you this kind of stupid offer. :slight_smile:

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LOL nice one… But there’s nothing wrong in sharing your strategy, I know it might work for some, might not work for some. But if the strategy is good enough, there’s nothing wrong in trying it, what say?


Again , would Microsoft freely share windows source code.

Would hedge fund managers share their trading process?

Would any company in the world give away their business secrets?

Stop hoping/praying and get smart man!!!


ok boss…fine.

Use BTC 155 strategy for crude to earn 10 points daily. Search on google.

I typed a long message to share my strategy
. But you now what I won’t share … when I’m a decent trader I will surely share my strategy but one thing I will say to all the day traders … Start your day trading part time full time career Incrude mini learn how the indicators work till then you’re on your own…

Don’t trust any group which says they can give good tips for a payment… with a month or year of studies you can formulate your own strategy

Start in crude mini and once you’re profitable go to cash or futures … ( when you’re really good only trade I’m futures to make.momey )


Read books … I finished stock market wizards … It doesn’t teach you to how to make profits … But It teaches you risk management … and more than that it teaches you trading psychology … In one of @nithin videos he said to trade in small quantity … which makes perfect sense … the losses are limited and gives one a opportunity to learn diff strategies…

Sorry for the long post


I really don’t think that anybody will share with you winning strategy. However, I would advise you to investigate strategy for yourself. If you would like daily trading, start with scalping or swing trading methods

Nt against anyone and agree to all ppl saying noone shares his winning strategy bt cud be exceptions to this, 1st additional income (if doesnt make diff or sharing makes strategy mre profitable) 2nd workoholic ppl need to work aftr 3.30, 3rd less likely, good ppl still thr in the world.
So paying n learning cud be beneficial bt do the homewrk first so you shld b able to judge whethr the strategy wl work for u or nt.