Is anyone using heckyl technologies info platform?


I am using Heckyl through my IIFL trading account. It gives you great insights for F&O trading also it keeps you updated with any news pertaining th market/stocks on almost real time basis.

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I have been using it over an year now, I have given my comments before also on specific trades and tools using it. In short its just great, its an over all package that an F&O trader needs to trade.

The best part is just not F&O its about, News,results,Global Market,Economic Indicator,Arbitrage alerts,Intraday deals in real time,Heat Map you name it they have it with great analysis.

I have used many tools, this is something which helps me explore new ideas every day.

I will not recommend it, I will strongly recommend it.

Only one issue is the news platform that they have is on Silverlight so that is an issue as it does work on few browsers. Hope they release a web version soon.


could you please tell me about the subscription fees?

Based on your trading and amount of transaction you do with MOSL, it will vary and in case you trade more, it might be at no cost, as MOSL takes cost for its subscription. I can only tell you about Motilal as I trade with them, at IIFL my friends do not pay anything, it seems IIFL has some bulk licenses from Heckyl

Hi, are you able to use 15min oi build up??? Im not able to find it in iifl heckyl… please let me know how to use 15min oi build up option.

You can go to company dashboard by searching company in search bar or from Futures page by clicking on company name,On company dashboard page they have different blocks, one shows Built up with More link, click on that to see the details, let me know in case you need any help. Watch the video…

Hi rajatchauhan can u help how can I access heckyl tech from iifl platform. Is is available in Mobile App or desktop . Plea