Is Arbitrage only for intraday or for Delivery.?

It depends few arb strategies payout within the day and some take time to develop. So the answer is both.

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Both Intraday as well as Delivery, depends on the scrip. Also on the movement.

Vinay, as I answered in your previous question, there are many arbitrage techniques.

Some of them may involve taking delivery of the stocks purchased(those would involve Options/Futures).

Some of them may be intraday.

All the arbitrage strategies involving delivery has to have some F&O leg. Pure stocks based arbitrage with delivery is not possible.

In equity stocks, the price difference between the bse and nse can be considered arbitrage strategy.

Buy in NSE and sell in BSE, and vice versa, but this has to be done quick, otherwise the difference between your purchase price and the other exchange price will narrow or become a loss for you. So this has to be done immediate and hence intraday.

can you plz elaborate with example…?

Generally, avoid such strategies.