Is buying NIFTYBEES shares a good investment for long term?


If you are bullish on the entire market, yeah Nifty BEES is quite a good way to invest for long term. Iā€™d advise though to invest into such instruments systematically, a fixed amount that is invested every month so even if there is volatility in the markets, you get a good average price for the longer run.


It is good option but liquidity is one of the biggest risks. There are very few days when the volume is above 25k. Do consider index MFs which are easier to redeem and also have automatic SIP option.


If you see life time high and life time low, that is not impressive in terms of returns even if it is long term. It is better to go for mutual funds or you build your own portfolio of shares (buy every month few shares so that you can average).

Dear,Only secure investment in share business is NIFTY BEES, not now,this is the time to book your profit,99% and 1% you can hold as memorial,BUT when ever NIFTY is making 52 week low,you can start buying and buy more and more when u get a new bottom.This is the time to sell @52 week extreme HIGH

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How much quantity of niftybees will truly reflect 1 lot of nifty futures ?

Nifty50 closing as on 17/12/2021 - 16985
Niftybees closing - 183.77

If i need to go long with 75qty of Nifty index, how much qty of nifty bees should i buy ?

The current lot size of Nifty F&O is 50, not 75.

The contract value of Futures at 16985 will be 849,250 (Price * Lot Size).

To replicate this, you will need to buy 4621 quantity (849,250 / CMP on Nifty Bees).

For each point move in Nifty, Nifty Futures will move 1 point so the P&L will be Rs. 50. While Nifty Bees trades at 1/100 of Nifty, ideally (as it is not always the case) for each point move in Nifty, Nifty Bees will move 0.01 point, so the P&L will be Rs. 46.21.

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On second thought i dont think a simple division will give the true value. There should be tracking error, the dividends paid may add on to NAV since its growth category.

Its moving similar, but its not a true representation