Is day trading profitable?

If your analysis says ‘go short’ then why you are not short?

I could DM you the reason. Dont want to waste other’s time.

I ran few intraday strategies by looking at Itjegan and optionables on youtube in paper trade on sensibull, and i found the P.O.P & Risk to Reward to be horrible! (they mentioned that in the videos) anyhow this makes them pretty useless to apply in current time. These strategies only work if you can predict the market direction before hand, else for me weekly strangles are only things that are working in options that too they cannot beat Mutual Fund returns which is my benchmark instead of FD.

if anyone has a proven strategy that work even if it yields low returns with a good P.O.P for intra-day, i am all ears

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Requesting Everyone not to fight over this topic. The question is not whether trading is profitable or not, the actual question is whether you want to make money from trading or not , and able to see trading as your business.

Trading is like golf (success rate is very low) or any other sports, almost every indian play cricket but only 11 to 20 player selected for National cricket team & some in IPL.

Money is involved everywhere. You spend almost 13 to 15 years in education to get a job which is also not guaranteed.

the problem is not TA, your strategy or what probability say, Its YOU & your ability to manage emotion.

So final word is day trading is profitable but not for everyone. its the most difficult job in the world.

There is no such thing as proven strategy.

You can use your own strategy after backtesting on bull bear & sideways market. It can be anything but you have to belived on your strategy (after backtesting) blindly that its work. you have to execute trade without hesitation every time your strategy provide entry exit signal.

Risk mangement is the holy grail. study on this to survive in trading.

Hold & add to winning position is key to make big money in trading without taking big risk. But its the most difficult part.

Ability to manage yourself (mainly Emotions, anger, fear, greed) is the only way to Trading for a living.

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99% don’t lose because they have inferior psychology. Even most algo trading accounts lose money where there is no role of psychology . All algo strategies lose their edge eventually as market conditions change and donate back to market what they made previously plus fees.

An average trader assumes that just by improving his psychology he will be profitable. This assumes that fault lies in psychology but this assumption is wrong.

Adding to winner (Pyramiding) can never beat Buy and Hold in stocks. But in commodities, this is the key :old_key:.

I totally disagree that every person can make money with Buy and Hold, If buy and hold is that easy why 90% people still losing money? Reality is you are smart enough to do swing trading or holding but there are a lot of people who don’t even know stock market exists. So to those people you are a gambler like you tell option traders that we are gamblers, But reality is like you are smart enough to develop a system that works for you like wise option trading also has a complete system then it becomes a business so there are people who are doing it and you are just playing blind folding yourself and don’t want to believe that there are more smarter people than you are!

" The media is full of stories of investors and employees who held on to stocks like Amazon, Google, and Tesla. But the performance of most stocks is a far cry from these exceptional successes.

Across the 25,967 stocks listed in the U.S. from 1926 to 2016, the most common one-decade buy-and-hold return was -100%. The conventional wisdom on long-term compounding rarely applies to concentrated stock positions — the risk of capital destruction is too high."

From: Ideastorm #4 - Market Sentiment

90% those who are loosing money are in f&0…not buy and hold according to sebi

I hope the 1292 support holds.