Is DDPI Safe or Should i Go for NSDL Tpin?

Recently I Opened account with Kotak Securities
After Few Days I found out that They have Taken My DDPI
I read That DDPI is Different from POA
But Is DDPI Safe and If Not How can i Revoke it?

Hi @SarthakD

Yes. DDPI is completely safe and was introduced by SEBI to prevent any potential misuse of POA. DDPI limits debiting shares from a client’s account only if there’s a sell trade placed by the client.

You can read more here:

You can check with your broker for further confirmation and specifics :slight_smile:


I have purchased some share in MTF in kotak security.
When share value decrease by 5 percent. It sell some partial quantity from my portfolio.

Without TPin it had been doing by broker.

Probably because it is pledged when you buy using MTF