Is FINNFITY already a failed experiment?

After 1 quarter, even when the number of traders in NSE are at a record high, FINNIFTY option chain looks as empty as a Scandinavian church. And unsurprisingly it looks to be doing exactly what Bank Nifty is doing more/less

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People don’t trade because it has low liquidity. It has low liquidity because people don’t trade. It is caught in this vicious circle.


I guess it might take an external force to break that cycle. Newtons 1st Law :smiley:


Finnifty can pickup volumes only if Bank Nifty is suspended.


nse made a mistake by introducing f&o on financial services index… it’s movement is similar to bank nifty as it’s mostly dominated by banking stocks… should’ve gone with pharmacy or something else… though experiment on Nifty IT had already failed…