Is Finvasia better than Zerodha for new traders as it is zero brokerage?

Is Finvasia better than Zerodha for new traders as it is zero brokerage?

Anyone using both finvasia and zerodha, please suggest.

Has anyone switched to Finvasia from Zerodha?

In the initial period, new traders losses are increased due to brokerage costs. Finvasia seems excellent option.

This comparison is very useful:

May be zerodha can reduce the charges further.
By the way, when we buy or sell, brokers get money from both buyer and sellers. So, they get to charge on buy, sell, buy, sell from both buyer and seller !!
No matter traders make profit or loss , brokers get very good money !! It is best to be a broker than a trader even though brokers so painful in any field !

  1. There are around 400 brokers working in India ATM, No one is Perfect and there is nothing ‘one fits all’ .
  2. Finvasia is good if you place trade >10 in a day , that may save you some cost . But there are many things which lacks like good backend reports, hassle free service, self service etc. Sometimes system is not reliable.
  3. Any business is run for profit only so if they are providing something for free than some services are charged as well. In long run these things doesn’t matter much.
  4. For newbies brokerage is blessing in disguise, it will resist you to take too many trade otherwise it may became like video game :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. I would say in the end you may open a account its free of change and try their service.
  6. I opened the account but have closed as my brokerage cost was not that substantial and some services were lacking there . But overall there support team is really great , lot of things gets solved via chat.
  7. Brokerage is nearly 1/3 of total cost of trade and its decreases as the trade size increase. So if you trade 1 lot at a time its 1/3 but if you trade 10 lots then its nearly negligible. Taxes will be major cost

But they charge Zero brokerage.

This was general remark for any trade with low cost broker( Rs 20 per order). You can only save that Rs 20 per order in Finvasia


1.) Finvasia is good for Intraday Trading particularly.
2.) Bracket Order is also given there.
3.) Their chat support is excellent.
4.) Back Office is not upto the mark.
5.) Trading Platform is also not good.

P.S. Zerodha was started by a person (Nithin Kamath) who was a trader himself for almost a decade. All other brokerage houses will always be two steps behind him in everything related to trading/investing.


My review after 1 month use( currently 2 months)

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Curious to know since it provides all of its services free of cost (almost) specially the trading, still has very less user base comparative to Zerodha?
Still fivesia’s free of cost model relevant?
Is it safe to work with finvasia (Shoonya)?
I asked this question because to trade in Zerodha the move in your direction should be more than 50 rs (40 rs for brokerage and 10 for various charges).
This makes very difficult to take advantage of fluctuations.
In finvesia, we can play for these small moves as well as it offers free of cost trading.

Finvasia for setting mind right, zerodha for life

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You will get by experience… brokerage will not matter much…

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Finvasia has relatively higher margins (5-8%) and haircut is also (5-10%) more

Brokerages tend to add up gradually, and well for people who mind brokerages but care trading with a reliable broker/platform, try Espresso. Zero brokerages on 1 leg of your losing trades.

Other features of Espresso which I like:

  1. Bracket orders : espresso has a unique bracket order which they call MIS+. This doesn’t slice orders into different suborders. You have a unique child order and a parent order.

  2. Espresso’s desktop terminal- Binge.

  3. Espresso charts has accurate bar prints. Fyers has also good bar prints. But Espresso has seen some better days. If you rely on colour of charts for trading, this is critical for decision making.

  4. Instant fund withdrawal. You can add funds the same day, and withdraw the same day and credit the same day.

and most important - reliability. I trade the morning session and orders are at times placed as early as 9:17. I have come across 2 recent glitches with espresso so far. 21st - 22nd Aug 2023. Glitches equals where you cannot modify orders or exit. But it was soon resolved within an hour - 9:30-10:30.

I have seen worst glitches with Z.

  1. We rarely need customer support but their live chat is always handy if you need to ask a real person not a bot.

And I have traded SASONLINE, UPSTOX, ZERODHA, ALICEBLUE , FINVASIA , DHAN. But I have seen better days with Espresso.


Things worries about Finvesia is their customer support. They don’t have any dedicated customer support portal. They do provide support but through a third party chat portal. Also their support team is not professional at all while replying.
Would love to hear other user’s experience with their customer support.