Is HYIT online trading courses a scam?

Traders complaining that hyit’s courses are a scam. traders getting charged 20 to 35 thousand for learning strategies that are already on the internet.

did you attend hyit mangaldeep training course? what is your opinion on hyit?

My personal opinion is attending expensive course will not help u. Learn basics from any academy and then put effort in learning from books.

I have learned so many topics from various books, but market was my best teacher. so trading live will help you understand the topics well.

Almost all knowledge is available online if you know basics you can learn any strategy with effort and then do live trading to master it.

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here above reply is depth video of what coaching classes do to you

if you are talking about High Yield Intraday Trading, i have shown some of their videos on youtube, they never show their account statement, just show charts of good gainer or looser stocks and says we bought here sold here after closing. anyone can say that.

the best one i have seen Stock Phoenix, they show stocks and levels even before market opens in their telegram channel, and i have seen that stocks running in live market.

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Before joining any course ask those guyz for two years of contract notes and then see for yourselves