Is icici imobile a upi 2 enabled app for ipo..IPO mandate is not showing in Imobile UPi Section for acceptance

After applying for IPO in Zerodha using the icici upi id, should i go to BHIM app only for accepting the mandate?
Can i not accept the mandate thro imobile upi section?
I used to transfer funds to zerodha thro upi and accept it in upi section of imobile app…But for Ipo application it is not showing any upi request in imobile upi section…Kindly help…

I think this link has the answer as I am also facing the same issue today… It IPO Mandate option just isn’t there in iMobile for Apple…

Did you find a solution to your problem?

For iMobile, only Android is supported for IPO Mandate, you can use other UPI apps like BHIM, Google Pay.

While applying for IPO I have already provided the @icici UPI ID on the Zerodha Console website, so can that be changed now? The IPO closed today…

You can change the UPI ID.

Ok thanks, let me try…

On the console page I am seeing that option to modify? So can just the Mandate be changed or not?

Angel Broking is the only open IPO, for which you can apply or make modifications tomorrow from 10 AM to 5 PM.

The CAMS and Chemcon IPO’s are now closed, you cannot apply or make any modifications now.

So this means Apple iPhone users can’t apply for IPOs basically if they have an ICICI account?

You can use different UPI app and register for for UPI using ICICI Bank account.

Yes we can but at the cost of missing a chance in these 2 IPOs we applied today :frowning:

happened same with me today. i have e-sim card so cant change my phone. any option to accept mandate before 12pm,24th sept for chemcon ipo?

Happened with me today. Failed in finding the solution in time.
I placed a bid for MAZDOCK today using iMobile by ICICI upi on iPhone and never got any request and here i found that mandate request doesnt work with iMobile app. Now the window for IPO is closed and nothing i can do about that.
Zerodha should add this warning or restrict people when placing bid on console using upi app on iMobile on iPhone. They can flash the warning for the same so that people keep this in mind.

Yup very true, same thing happened with me

BTW, after finally managing to apply for MAZDOCK using different UPI App on IPHONE we ended up entering the wrong UPI PIN :hot_face:

Is there anything that can be done now to reinitiate the IPO Mandate? :roll_eyes:

Cannot do anything now as the subscription period has closed.

If the same wrong UPI pin issue happened when subscripition period was open then what could have been done? Cancel the bid and place a new one?

Yes, you would have been able to cancel the bid and make a new one.

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