Is Inside bar strategy profitable?

Does anyone here trade with inside bar candle formation? I’ve seen the charts and seem to give good results, but I’m not confident about how it will perform in the live markets. Please let me know whether it gives a good Risk to Reward.

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so if someone says, yes , you ll feel confident and go ahead. and if someone says , no , then you ll stop yourself.


Why don’t you go ahead, do at least 20 trades and judge how you fared?

no one can let you know. develop what you see. then maybe you can share how you did in your trades?

that should be better.


Volcanic blowing response! :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face: @ronin_sha

Even 20 is too small a sample size. He could take breakouts in few trend days and start believing in his powers :slight_smile:

Trading is hard work too, you have to do your work - backtest over large sample over many years and then forward test with increasing capital.

all price patterns have a probability of 50% and then you add cost of trading to that strategy and you won’t even beat FD returns.

Just keep making zerodha and the govt rich.

Good luck.

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Backtest and check before deploying live.


A simple no would have sufficed :sweat_smile:

But anyway, I’ll try to create a strategy myself and backtest it first and maybe I’ll have to paper trade it for at least a month to gain confidence in the strategy.

I’ll post my results here so that in the future they can be helpful to others.


I love the way that you have taken the words with a good vibe.

Trading will really reflect what we are.

Trying to be a better person each day.


i use this scanner to filter stocks that are making 3 inside bars.
since market is weak, i might add another condition of price being above 20/50ema to get only bullish setups.
however this list helps me to filter out intraday short opportunities!

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That’s a good idea. Even I am creating a similar strategy. Let’s see how it turns out to be. Will share the results.

I am using 3 tradingview indicators. 1) SSL Hybrid + QQE by Kevinmck100. 20) Customizable MACD (EMA 7 & 21) & 3) EMA Crossover by d.mark165 (EMA 5 & 20). Time frame 5 minutes.
After observing for some days, you will understand where to enter & exit.

Customizable MACD by Daveatt (forgot to mention).

There is no question that inside bars can be a successful technique to trade the stock market. After all, it’s a setup that is taught as a piece of the price action course and has shown to be incredibly effective.

What’s your sample size and avg win to loss? If you dont have a specific answer to this; it is merely a feeling due to recency bias or peer talk.