Is intraday trading is good idea beacause of existance of stock operaters?

i want to know that intraday trading is safe or anyone can really earn consistently from intra day trading becasue stock operaters easily trap the small retali trader in their trap.

so want to know that how identified stock operater intention

If you are day trading, it is best to be in liquid pedigree stocks.

Btw, I have heard a lot of people blame losses on operators and etc. I kind of disagree on this. As a retail small trader, you get a huge leverage over the bigger players because of the trading size. Getting in and out of a few lakhs worth of stocks is really easy, but a bigger player trying to move around in crores of rupees will find it extremely tough.

For example if a bad news comes, a small retail trader can easily sell a few lakhs worth of stocks very easily. But imagine the fate of the bigger player who holds crores worth of stocks. He can’t sell even if he wants because he will accentuate the fall much more.

The idea is to be able to use this leverage of being able to stay nimble to take on the bigger players or operators as you are calling them.

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